Nittó Destiny Esperar o Tempo (remix) | Cabo Music Video [2020]


Music video by Nittó Destiny performing "Esperar o tempo". (C) Cabo Music Video 2020
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Produced by NBS Studio / All Instruments by NBS Studio / Lyrics and Melody By Nittó Destiny / Lead & Background vocals by Nittó Destiny & Maicam Monteiro / Mixed NBS Studio/ Mastering NBS Studio / Nittó Destiny © 2020 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
©️2020 Cabo Music Video
Nittó Destiny Esperar o Tempo (remix) | Cabo Music Video [2020]
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Cabo Music Video
O melhor da música africana e latina.
Lo mejor de la música africana y latina.
The best of African and Latin music.

Nittó Destiny Esperar o Tempo (remix) | Cabo Music Video [2020]
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